CarbVis AG develops a user-friendly and automated carbohydrate assessment system for better diabetes management

Unmet needs estimating carbohydrates in diabetes self-management

For people living with diabetes, estimating carbohydrates for an appropriate insulin dosage is sometimes like gambling. Decisions are often made based on experience and gut feelings. Is there a technology to estimate carbohydrates that is reliable, fast, and convenient?

Our Qarbs app solves this problem for you.
Accurate. Fast. Convenient.

Our current project in estimating dietary intake in people living with diabetes

Our CarbVis AG team’s first project – the Qarbs app – defines new standards for food recognition. If you are suffering from a metabolic disease, it is of great importance to keep track of your dietary intake. Subjective estimates based on experience can be biased, imprecise and risky.

Our Qarbs app removes uncertainty in estimating carbohydrates by means of our smart food quantification algorithm. Our innovative app runs on your smartphone and is easy to use. By simply snapping a picture of your meal, the Qarbs app will give you a reliable estimate of the energy and macronutrient content.

Who we are in diabetes technology

CarbVis AG was founded in 2021 out of the translational project Deep Vision, sponsored by the Diabetes Center Berne.
We are an innovative start-up with a dynamic team consisting of computer scientists, engineers, and a huge network in the diabetes technology field. Our goal is to replace the conventional approach to estimate dietary intake with state-of-the-art technology involving computer vision and artificial intelligence.